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380V / 220V / Customized Egg Tray Making Machine With Reciprocating And Rotary

380V / 220V / Customized Egg Tray Making Machine With Reciprocating And Rotary

380V Egg Tray Making Machine

Reciprocating Egg Tray Making Machine

Rotary Egg Tray Production Machine

Place of Origin:

Jinan, Shandong

Brand Name:


Model Number:


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Product Details
Forming Type:
Reciprocating And Rotary Forming
Control System:
PLC Control System
Pulp, Waste Paper,waste Cardboard, Books, Newspapers
1 Year
Hydraulic Pulper Capacity:
Product Name:
Egg Tray Making Machine
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
plastic films
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

The Egg Tray Making Machine is a highly efficient processor designed to produce egg trays, egg cartons, and other related products with molds made of plastic, aluminum, or copper. With a capacity of up to 5cbm, it can handle a wide range of materials including pulp, waste paper, waste cardboard, books, and newspapers. It is capable of operating at a speed of 6s/cycle and features a PLC control system for reliable and accurate operation. This Egg Tray Maker Machine is a top-of-the-line Egg Tray Processor Machine that offers superior performance and durability for commercial egg tray production. It is a reliable and robust Egg Tray Fabricator Machine that can help your business to increase its efficiency and productivity.

Egg Tray Mold Quantity 2pcs 3pcs 4pcs 12pcs(3pcs*4) 16pcs(4pcs*4) 24pcs(3pcs*8) 32pcs(4pcs*8)
Raw material Waste paper Waste paper Waste paper Waste paper Waste paper Waste paper Waste paper
Egg tray Capacity(pcs/hour) 700 1000 1300 2000 2500 3000 4000
Net weight per piece (gram) 70-75 70-75 70-75 70-75 70-75 70-75 70-75
Waste paper consumption 0.06ton / h 0.1ton / h 0.13ton / h 150kg/ h 150kg/h 188kg/h 225kg / hour
Water Consumption 0.15ton/h 0.22ton / h 0.3ton / h 0.45ton / h 0.6ton/h 0.68ton/h 0.9ton / h
Natural Gas Consumption of Dryer 25cbm/h 45cbm/h 60cbm/h 75cbm/h 90cbm/h 110cbm/h 120cbm/h
Boiler model (natural gas fuel Kcal) 300*103 450* 600*103 800*103 1000*103 1200*103 1500*103
Worker requirement 3-4workers 4-6workers 4-6workers 5-7workers 5-7workers 8-10workers 8-10workers
Power Requirement Without dryer 30KW 40KW 45KW 70KW 80KW 100KW 100KW
With dryer 45KW 60KW 65KW 100KW 120KW 130KW 150KW
Area of workshop Without dryer More than 100 M² More than 120 M² More than 150 M² More than
200 M²
More than 200 M² More than 250 M² More than 250 M²
With dryer More than 240M²
More than300M²
More than 320 M²
More than 400M²
More than 400M²
More than 520M² dryer30M More than 520M²
Container Requirement Without dryer 20ft*1 40ft*1 40ft*1 40ft*1 40ft*1 40ft*1 40ft*1
With dryer 40ft*2+20ft*1 40ft*3 40ft*3 40ft*4 40ft*4 40ft*5 40ft*5
1. The Capacity calculated base on 30-packed egg tray(size 300x300mm, weight 70g~75g).
2. Workshop size is for reference only and could be adjusted according to actual size of client's plant.
3. The above specification is for reference only, due to continuous technology development, data will be updated from time to time.
4. Pulp Molding Equipment are non-standard equipment, we are able to provide customized solution according to specific requirements from customer.
5. Welcome to contact us anytime, our professional team will provide more effective help and supports for you.


The WANYOU Egg Tray Making Machine (Model Number: WY-1) is a powerful processor machine for constructing egg trays with great speed and efficiency. It is produced in Jinan, Shandong and is available with a minimum order quantity of 1 set. This Egg Tray Processor Machine features a PLC Control System, voltage of 380V/220V/Customized, speed of 6s/cycle, and weight of 3-30T. Its customized or automatic packaging system ensures secure and easy packaging of the egg trays. The price of the Egg Tray Maker Machine is 6500usd and the delivery time depends on the order quantity. The payment terms are TT and the supply ability is 1 set/month. The Egg Tray Constructor Machine is protected with plastic films to ensure safe delivery.

380V / 220V / Customized Egg Tray Making Machine With Reciprocating And Rotary 0380V / 220V / Customized Egg Tray Making Machine With Reciprocating And Rotary 1380V / 220V / Customized Egg Tray Making Machine With Reciprocating And Rotary 2380V / 220V / Customized Egg Tray Making Machine With Reciprocating And Rotary 3


We offer Egg Tray Making Machine with brand name WANYOU, model WY-1, and from Jinan, Shandong. Our minimum order quantity is 1 set, and the price is 6500USD. The packaging details are plastic films, and the delivery time depends. The payment terms are TT, and the supply ability is 1set/month. This Egg Tray Making Machine has a PLC Control System and is customizable in size. The hydraulic pulper capacity is 1-5cbm, and it has a customizable or automatic packaging system. We specialize in high quality Egg Tray Fabricator Machines, Egg Tray Constructor Machines, and Egg Tray Processor Machines.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Egg Tray Making Machine

We provide comprehensive technical support and service for Egg Tray Making Machine, including:

  • 24/7 technical service and support
  • Remote troubleshooting and guidance
  • On-site technical support service
  • Maintenance and repair service
  • Spare parts supply and replacement
  • Software upgrade and optimization

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Egg Tray Making Machine

The egg tray making machine is packaged in wooden cases to ensure its safety during transport and storage. The necessary spare parts and tools are also packed in the wooden cases.

We provide door-to-door delivery service. The shipping time depends on the destination, usually it takes 5 to 10 days.



Our production line has Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic two types , both have computer control system .
1. What is Semi Automatic type ?
If only order The 1st and 2nd compulsory parts , that's Semi Automatic because you'll have to do the work of drying up egg tray manually;
2. What is Fully Automat type ?
Meaning: the production line includes the Drying system and the whole procedure can be done Automatically .
Of course, the price and the required work space would have big difference from the semi-automatic type.
3. Quality
--- Our machines use UK Technical and part of the components are Germany-made (ex: Ball valve) .
-- Our machine is made by Tooling NOT by Welding , insuring a minimum of 10 years’ lifespan .
-- The Egg tray moulds material is Aluminium which can keep the fixed shape much better than that made of rubber material.
--- 99.9% of Success rate: Even if there is a failed egg tray , just throw it back to Pulping area and it can be re-used avoiding waste ;
--- Our machine has been sold to worldwide for over 10 years with continued re-order by some customers with their business grow .
4 .What capacity per hour do you offer ?
Our machines’ capacity is from 350pcs/hr to 6000pcs/hr.
5.Do your products come with a warranty ?
Yes , we have 2 years warranty according the international practice.
6.Can I customize this kind of machine from your factory?
Yes ,we offer custom-made service to our customers, you need to provide us some samples,such as photos,dimensions etc.

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